About Us

On November 12, 2000 a group of Christian Believers, being led by the Spirit of God, met together in a vacant mobile home to form a church body. They immediately began the search for a building in which to meet. On November 19, 2000 this same group of 47 believers came together with a proposal to buy a local church building that was vacant. Being led by the Spirit of God they voted to call themselves New Beginning Baptist Church because each of them believed that all deserve a new beginning. The group voted unanimously to call Bro. Bryan Easley as their pastor. New Beginning Baptist Church (NBBC) was born.

They bought the empty church building at 302 North Main in Edgewood. Such a humble beginning, but what a great vision they had. NBBC knew that their newly acquired property was but a temporary location. The building was small, but at least it was a beginning.

This new congregation worshipped together, worked hard and prayed incessantly that God would provide them with growth enough to outgrow their current facility. It was God’s divine providence that this vision would indeed come to fruition.

In just over two years, NBBC would fill the building to capacity in both the morning and evening services on Sunday and close to capacity on Wednesday evenings. It became their new vision to acquire property on which they would be able to build a new and larger facility so that they could expand their ministries.

NBBC heard of another local congregation that was in need of a pastor. They approached the remaining members of New Heights Baptist Church. New Heights had the property that NBBC needed and NBBC has the pastor that New Heights needed. With God’s divine intervention, on June 22, 2002, New Heights Baptist Church voted to relinquish their property to NBBC and become a part of the New Beginning Baptist Church.

Shortly after this merging of God’s people, NBBC began construction of a new sanctuary. The new church, at 510 North Houston Street in Edgewood, was less than three blocks from their old location. NBBC began worshipping in their new location on November 29, 2003.

In these past years, NBBC has seen multitudes of souls come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. We do not keep records of the number of souls saved. Our Lord maintains those numbers and records each of those names in the Lamb’s Book of Life. God continues to richly bless our church with new souls led to Jesus Christ and new members worshipping with us.